miercuri, 1 august 2007

How time passes by... and with it every problem... or not...

Not long ago I returned from my short one week vacation. For one week I actually managed to leave everything behind and see only the present. If you were wondering where the hell have I been, well, beautiful half-wild nature is the name. It's pointless to say where I've been because the important things are not the facts but the way the facts affect us emotionally.

So, more than a week ago I left this hurried people's hot dirty crowdy city, unknowing what to expect from my designated destination. Once there, bit by bit the fresh cold resin smelling mountain air filled my lungs causing my blood to purify itself in it's sweet embrace. Abounded by beautyness, my mind slowly refused all other thoughts or feelings. Scared by danger, my heart filled itself with the joy of every success. And in the end I became the crystal feather floating in the winds of endless freedom appearance, connected only to the currents that carried me further.

Now that I returned to this cesspool all currents stopped and the feather felled down to the ground breaking in million pieces and all problems came back to me like they missed me for so long. So, in this moment, I feel my lungs drowning in over-breathed air, my blood becoming more dirty each day, my mind burring itself in stressful sad thoughts and memories and my heart... tired of beating the same boring rhythm without any emotions...

I need... I just need it, don't you understand???

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